Zimari Smashed Avo Pulled Pork 2 Sq (1 of 1)

zimari, windsor

i’m on the countdown to our european holiday + getting pretty excited! not irrationally in the sense that i’ve packed my bags already – but the list is written + most importantly so is the list of cafes + brunch spots i want to try (and it’s already longer than my arm!).

it’s almost an oxymoron really, but i seem to also be on a bit of european culinary adventure through melbourne lately – maybe i’m pre-empting my taste buds for whats to come!? last week we were invited for brunch at zimari, a modern greek cafe on high street in windsor established in 2011, specialising in recipes and produce from the island of crete and serving up a totally authentic + delicious brunch menu!

we were given a sample feast of their breakfast menu, which personally i loved – because it meant 1/ not having to make decisions and 2/ i was sampling the chef’s favourite recommendations. exhibit a:


Zimari Saganaki Omelette (1 of 1)

deli sag omelette: saganaki cheese, tomato, bacon + onion

you pretty much just have to say saganaki + its a foregone conclusion that i’m going to like a dish, but adding in the combination of a fluffy omelette + perfectly soft pita bread – i was surprised by just how good this was! the tomato, bacon + onion were perfectly immersed within the omelette mixture + the generous dose of paprika gave it a smoky seasoning that really emphasised the saganaki.

Zimari Smashed Avo Pulled Pork 1 Sq (1 of 1)

Zimari Smashed Avo Pulled Pork 2 Sq (1 of 1)

 smashed avo with feta, pulled pork on toast with a poached egg

i’m a fan of smashed avo + i’m certainly a fan of pulled pork. but when you combine both, i am certainly joining the life-long membership club! this was seriously delish! the avo had been whipped smooth with feta + lovely combination of herbs. the pulled pork was delicate and tender, with a sauce more subtle than an american style pulled-pork, which was perfect for a brunch dish. add a perfectly gooey poached agg, and this was a winner!

Zimari Cakes (1 of 1)

portokalopita: yoghurt, filo pastry + orange syrup cake and a lemon + coconut slice

we were served a selection of freshly made mini slices + cakes to finish our meal and the portokalopita particularly was sweet + delicate and a lovely way to sweet the palate after the savoury dishes.we were also served a creamy + delicious breakfast smoothie of yoghurt, apple, chia seeds, milk + honey. my flat white was pleasant enough but nothing to write home about – which for a fussy melbourne coffee-drinker is probably my only downside of the whole morning.

Zimari Interior (1 of 1)

Zimari Smoothie (1 of 1)Zimari Table Lemons (1 of 1)Zimari Cakes2 (1 of 1)

the cafe itself is bright + sunny, with an open, minimalist decor – it would be a great spot for a family brunch or a cafe-office. tastefully decorated with european touches – the cafe oozes love and family-owned pride. the service was exceptional, and not just because we were being looked after personally, but because the staff appear genuinely passionate and happy – the smiles + friendliness are infectious!

the extra few steps away from chapel st is well worth it to try these clean, simple + fresh dishes from the island of crete! especially for that smashed-avo pulled pork combo!

verdict: flavourful greek food with a touch of melbourne added in for good measure!
find: http://www.zimari.com.au/

(note: inlovewithbrunch was invited by zimari to dine here, however all remarks and reviews are honest and genuine)

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