Waterslide Bar Southbank Tea Cocktail (1 of 1)

waterslide bar, southbank

any invitation to an event that is accompanied by a bottle of whiskey is already a winner in my books! witness our recent invitation to the launch of the waterslide bar:

Waterslide launch pre-gift (1 of 1)

southbank’s newest bar is situated on the mid-level of southgate dining precinct on the site formerly home to prince’s court, a vibrant arts, music and culture precinct in the 1800 and 1900’s, including the fitzgerald brothers’ circus in the 1870’s and wirth’s circus in the 1900’s. prince’s court’s most amazing attraction was a giant wooden water chute – taller than all of melbourne’s skyscrapers at the time, hence the name.

PrincesCourt91(image courtesy of waterslide bar)

there is no sign of circus shenanigans now – the tasteful renovation features plush velvet benches, dark wooden tables and a sultry ambience that features a backlit central bar as the feature-piece of the interior. there is also a heated sitting area along the verandah overlooking the yarra and out towards inconic hamer hall. however, they have paid homage to the site’s rich history – with photos of yesteryear ordaining the wall, and a detailed menu that tell the culturally-rich story.

Waterslide Bar Southbank Launch Overlooking Yarra (1 of 1) Waterslide Bar Southbank Launch Party Sign (1 of 1)

the sensuous décor perfectly complements the impressive vintage wine list, innovative cocktail menu and extensive collection of whiskey, vodka rum + gin – encouraging you to relax, wine and dine. on the night we were served a selection of waterslide’s signature cocktails including:

  • the grace kelly: hendrick’s gin, fresh pressed pear juice, earl grey, honey, cinnamon syrup + dehydrated apple garnish
  • prince’s court: tanqueray gin, whole lemon, lavender syrup + lemon thyme garnish
  • wirth’s circus: don julio blanco tequila, fresh-pressed watermelon juice, cocchi americano + coriander
  • blinker: bulleit rye whisky, fresh grapefruit juice, house grenadine

Waterslide Bar Southbank Whisky Cocktail (1 of 1) Waterslide Bar Southbank Whisky Cocktail 2 (1 of 1)
Waterslide Bar Southbank Cocktails (1 of 1) Waterslide Bar Southbank Launch Drink Me Whiskey Cocktails (1 of 1)

Waterslide Bar Southbank Tea Cocktail (1 of 1)

the bar menu is delicious, with a snack to suit whatever you may be drinking for the night. we sampled just a few of the items available including:

  • arancini rice balls filled with italian tallegio
  • twice cooked pork belly skewers with spiced plum sauce
  • chicken skewers

Waterslide Bar Southbank Arancini Balls (1 of 1) Waterslide Bar Southbank Launch Arancini Balls (1 of 1)Waterslide Bar Southbank Pork Belly Skewers (1 of 1) Waterslide Bar Southbank Chicken Skewers (1 of 1)

i’ve since been back a couple of times for after-work drinks, and each time the service + ambiance has been exceptional – it’s sure to be a regular for me!

verdict: southgate has a new attraction!
find: http://www.waterslidebar.com.au/

(note: inlovewithbrunch was invited by the waterslide bar to attend, however all remarks and reviews are honest and genuine)

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