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“a foodie from melbourne australia with a penchant for brunching! usually involves dragging said-foodie’s husband along too as taste-tester/guinea pig! currently exploring the food scene of nashville tennessee”

who doesn’t love a good brunch? i think there’s no better way to spend at least one day of your weekend by grabbing a loved one (or a few) and heading out for some delicious food, coffee and conversation. living in melbourne, the #mostliveablecity, we were spoilt for choice and at the risk of getting too mushy, there is something to be said about the happiness that comes from the magical combination of good food + good company…
hi! i’m rosslyn and i’ve recently moved from melbourne australia to #thesouth… and whilst my husband pursues his music career in nashville tennessee (music city usa), i am continuing my foodie quest by finding out what america has to offer the culinary world! thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

my big passions are food, travel and music.

in 2014 i started ‘inlovewithbrunch’ on a quest to reinvigorate my creativity and find some work-life balance. since then it has exceeded all my expectations – i have absolutely loved learning more about melbourne’s food industry, travelled to some exciting culinary cities (london, avignon, hong kong, paris!), met a lot of amazing people and most importantly tried A LOT of incredible food.

i contribute regularly to:

  • my own website
  • hong kong’s ‘foodie’ magazine
  • a couple of other health + lifestyle digital magazines
  • zomato – ranked #21 food blog in melbourne

i’ve certainly noticed that the longer this ‘inlovewithbrunch’ journey continues, the greater appreciation of good food i’ve found. so whilst i will focus on the details of the food, the atmosphere, the service and honestly summarise my overall enjoyment of the experience, i have decided not to ‘score’ our meals as many do. you might also notice that these reviews are decidedly ‘optimistic’ and it’s not because i’m easy to please – there have been plenty of places i’ve tried that have not been to my liking, but in these instances the mantra of ‘if you can’t say anything nice, then say nothing at all’ rings loud + clear.
i truly hope you enjoy reading more about the ‘inlovewithbrunch’ journey: the places, the cafes, the food, the coffee and the friends that join us. please feel free to follow me on social media or get in touch via one of the below.

contact me:

pr info:

  • i am available to provide consulting services to cafes and restaurants around menus, service + the customer experience
  • i provide social media management for food-related apps, restaurants and cafes
  • whilst most of my restaurant visits and reviews are self-funded, i am always excited (and humbled) to receive an invitation to review a café or to attend openings and launches. i will always disclose where the review is a sponsored visit
  • i always love the opportunity to collaborate or work with other like-minded people and companies– if this sounds like you, please get in touch.

use of material:
please note that any reuse or redistribution of photos, content or reviews from this blog are to be done so with formal acknowledgement and credit given to “inlovewithbrunch (www.inlovewithbrunch.com)”

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  2. Hi! I’m really loving your blog and as a fellow Melbourne brunch lover, can’t wait to try out some of the places you’ve posted about. I was wondering, if you don’t mind me asking, what camera you use to take all of your beautiful photos with? I’m struggling with my iphone 5 in certain lighting and am thinking about investing in a good camera. Thanks and all the best!


    1. hey myfoodbelly! thanks so much for your lovely comments! i’m currently using a canon 500d with an 18-200mm lens. i really like the canon, it’s easy and quick to use when photographing food. i would love to get a macro lens at some point, but very pricey! i do also still revert to my iPhone 5 or 6 a lot tho – it’s a fail safe option in low light or for overhead photos. good luck + happy food snapping! 🙂


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