the bang candy company, nashville

there are so many things that i love about nashville, which is a good thing seen as i’m now calling ‘music city’ home for at least the next little while. but one of the biggest things that has stood out to me, and is unlike anything i’ve experienced in australia or other american cities, is its entrepreneurial spirit and the way in which the people of nashville embrace and support its artisans and small business owners.

from denim-menders on the back of a pick-up truck or a food truck completely dedicated to peaches… to artisan bakers and sweet makers – nashville is forging a trend of getting back to supporting the local community and its residents – and i love it! which is why i was so honoured to be invited for a behind the scenes look at ‘the bang candy company’ along with my incredibly creative and talented friend abbey, who just opened her own store at the 100 taylor place arts precinct. check her out at “the perfect little store”.

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owned by sarah souther, bang candy co is in its 5th year in nashville, where it first started out making hand-made marshmallows. the business has continued to grow over this time, and they now have a permanent ‘home’ in the marathon motor works precinct which also houses a distillery, cafe, recording studio and a radio station, as well as custom clothing and jewelry manufacturers.

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chef walt wade is an expert multi-tasker in the small commercial kitchen at the back of the store; whipping up seasonal hand-made marshmallows including this summer’s flavours of wasabi ginger, peanut butter jelly, smoked almond cherry + mango tamarind on offer; as well as their classic flavours like the signature rose cardamom marshmallow, chocolate chili, toasted coconut or maple bacon bourbon.

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surprisingly, marshmallows are only made out of 3 ingredients: gelatin, hot sugar syrup + flavourings; and watching walt effortlessly whip up 3 batches of marshmallows in what seems like a few mere minutes, makes it all look so easy… but underneath his calm exterior is a delicate process of checking temperatures, adding just the right amount of gelatin and flavour, and whipping the mixture get just the right fluffiness. and all while simultaneously knocking out roasted coconut, cream caramels and all sorts of other sweet treats ready to be hand-packaged and sold in the store.

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you can also stop in for a coffee or tea, as the store is open wednesday through saturday’s from 10am… otherwise all bang candy products are available to order online where you can arrange to have them sent out as a gift.

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verdict: an “indulgent place where candy lovers bear no shame”

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