Magic on Ferrars South Melbourne Hot Chocolate (1 of 1)

magic ii, south melbourne

Magic on Ferrars South Melbourne Interior (1 of 1)

for those reading who may not be melbourne-based, we victorians are currently experiencing one of the coldest winters in a while + certainly the coldest i’ve encountered since moving here four years ago. sure, its not exactly snowing and -13C (like that one christmas that i experienced in new york)… but it’s still pretty flippin’ freezing thanks to that incessant + icy antarctic wind. however, unlike london + new york, at least the sun still comes out to play + you’re not left stuck under a cloud of miserable grey. speaking of miserable grey… my recent invite to (re)visit to magic on ferrars in south melbourne contained nothing of the sort.

Magic on Ferrars South Melbourne Menu (1 of 1)

not only was the weather wonderfully sunny (albeit still freezing), luring us out to a table on the footpath… but there was not a skerrick of grey or black to be found amongst the vibrant + happy colour-scheme presented in the menu, décor, cutlery + staff. almost enough to make me forget that it was a chilly 8 degrees outside (almost!). speaking of vibrant… how cool are these exuberant, cheerful menus?!

Magic on Ferrars South Melbourne Flat White (1 of 1)

magic serve up a delicious house-blend of well-reputed st ali coffee, and a large mug of latte to wrap our hands around was much needed. it is a blend called steadfast – 70% colombia pitalito (supremo) + 30% brazil fazenda rainha (red bourbon) – which has a smooth and balanced taste with a creamy mouthfeel + developed brown sugars. soft plum + raspberry jam leads to caramel and a lingering milk chocolate finish. sounds + tastes awesome – plus it was hot! winner.

Magic on Ferrars South Melbourne Food (1 of 1)

sweet potato fritters with a poached egg, bacon + tomato chutney
this morning i opted for the weekend special and the fritters were absolutely delicious! they were packed full of chunks of zucchini + corn with a crunchy outer crust but still soft inside, and the bacon was crispy + generous. unfortunately the poached egg was well-over but when paired with the other ingredients + that spicy smoky salsa/chutney – overall it was still a pleasant dish. (the boys had all ordered plain ole’ bacon + eggs and in fact the theme of the morning was all of the poachies around the table had been taken that little bit too far, which was a bit disappointing)

in the background is my friend’s smashed avocado with bacon, eggs + roasted tomato – a generous sized serving + wonderfully fresh zesty avocado smash.

and the bright vibrant colours going on around our little table provided such a visual feast for us all:

Magic on Ferrars South Melbourne Sweet Potato Fritters (1 of 1)

Magic on Ferrars South Melbourne Flat lay (1 of 1)

Magic on Ferrars South Melbourne Hot Chocolate (1 of 1)

no breakfast date is complete without some sweets… so a couple of us opted for creamy, chocolaty + delectable mork hot chocolate‘s before we finished. while the others went with some sinfully-sugary cobb lane apple crumble donuts. omg. yum!

Magic on Ferrars South Melbourne Cobb Lane Donut (1 of 1)

magic has a pretty cosy inside space, so you might find you have a short wait for a table… alternatively, grab a stool along the bar and enjoy the banter and some super cheerful (and often funny) conversation with owner ashley  – who can usually be found behind making those delicious coffees – and the rest of the uber friendly team. the footpath outside however is wide, open + also dog-friendly with plenty of extra room to spread out + pull up a stool or chair if you prefer.

it’s just a pity those poached eggs were over-cooked for us (a similar experience to the first visit), otherwise the execution of the food would’ve been spot on for us too this morning. regardless, magic has got some pretty alluring appeal, and i could definitely see this being a regular local spot for those in the area.

verdict: with all that vibrant colour – you can’t help but leave feeling reinvigorated!

(note: inlovewithbrunch was invited by magic on ferrars to dine here, however all remarks and reviews are honest and genuine)

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