magic on ferras, south melbourne

magic on ferras, south melbourne

can you believe we are halfway through december already?! where the heck has 2014 gone? i’m not going to start getting sentimental about the year yet (i figure i’ve got about 2 more week’s before it’s time for that), but… if you’re like me your december is full of
– work christmas parties (which i unfortunately spent in bed sick as a dog for both),
– industry end-of-year events (consult australia event with tim costelle, the ceo of world vision was so inspring!),
– christmas gatherings with friends before we all split to see families all around the country (ours involved a hilarious game of white elephant),
– spouse’s work christmas party (this friday coming),
– church / community christmas carols (my favourite event of the season),
– early christmas shopping to mail around the country in time (i’m the best aunty – my nieces and nephew are getting spoilt this year!)
– and the last-minute mad-dash present buying for the rest of the family that you will see

all while going through one of the most stressful times ever at work, compounded by end of financial year which is always madness anyway… oh, and then somewhere in there pack a suitcase and get to qld in time for christmas eve. did i mention i also managed to fit in 2 john legend concerts last weekend (swoon, and yay for free tickets)!? … are you as exhausted as i feel yet?

magic on ferras, south melbourne
magic on ferras, south melbourne

in all of this hurrying, i definitely recommend taking some time to smell the roses, reflect on the year that was, and prepare yourself for whatever 2015 may hold (i know i’m certainly needing some perspective in amongst all the madness) – and what better way to take a time-out than with a coffee + brunch in hand?!

which is where ‘magic on ferrars’ comes into my long un-abbreviated introduction… this great cafe was a much-needed respite before commencing a crazy weekend. it is a short walk from the south melbourne markets (over the tram track and cross the road – simple!), and while the inside is pretty cosy (probably only seating 15 or so), there is a great vibe kerb-side when the weather is nice.

the cafe serves up st ali seasonal house blend which is not an uncommon roast in others cafes around melbourne – and for good measure… it’s consistent, strong and full of flavour!

magic on ferras, south melbourne
soy latte, magic on ferras
magic on ferras, south melbourne
flat white, magic on ferras

husband (surprise surprise) went for:
classic bacon + eggs, and whilst one of the eggs was a big over-cooked the other was super gooey + the bacon was a good size. not a bad start.

magic on ferras, south melbourne
bacon + eggs, magic on ferras

i was super keen on one of the weekend specials so gave this one a try:
smasher on pumpkin multi, roast tomato + poached egg
(aka as smashed avo on toast) – this was light, refreshing + the zing of the lemon was delightful. the pumpkin multi also had a great flavour – just what i was after.

magic on ferras, south melbourne
smasher, magic on ferras

and lastly, our habitual 3rd breakfast to share:
your beautiful muesli: organic yoghurt with yoghurt, fresh fruit + poached apricots
this was a great muesli! packed with seeds, nuts + grains it certainly wasn’t a boring mix. the poached apricots were a delightful (and uncommon) addition which we ended up fighting over the last one for. the berries + citrus on top were fresh and juicy + the yoghurt was a thick vanilla which went perfectly with the grainy muesli. a really great dish.

magic on ferras, south melbourne
muesli, magic on ferras

the specials board changes almost regularly + all the staff were really friendly and attentive. there is a great array of books + magazines to chill-out with for a while and was also almost tempted by the mouth-watering cobb lane doughnuts which were on offer at the front counter. all in all, a great cafe with some definite magic going on.

verdict: bringing the magic to ferrars st

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magic on ferras, south melbourne
magic on ferras, south melbourne



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