Mr-Hendricks-French-Toast Balwyn

mr hendricks, balwyn

i’m catching up on a few things while i sit in the lounge at lax waiting for our flight to florida and couldn’t forget to blog about the tastiest french toast i’ve ever tried in melbourne! you might remember a few weeks ago, my husband was in the studio recording his album… given the location of the studio i conveniently found a chance to duck out one morning and headed over to balwyn – not my usual neighbourhood – to check out mr. hendricks. thishungrylittlepiggy had given me serious food envy the week before + i was determined to check this place out for myself if i got the chance.

first big tick = the coffee is locally-roasted padre… definitely my favourite coffee in melbourne. my soy latte was delicious.

Mr Hendricks Soy Latte Whitehorse Rd

now… onto this “best french toast” i’ve been raving about.

brioche french toast with vanilla poached pears, caramel sauce + double cream.
this is one seriously thick piece of brioche which has been toasted to perfection – the perfect balance of egginess but with crispiness on the outside. the caramel sauce is sweet and delicious, without being too gluggy or over-reduced. and those pears… omg – delicious. perfectly poached, sweet and slightly golden. presentation was simple + it may not look like much; but put it all together and the taste was unbelievable. if you’re a french toast fan, then you are missing out until you’ve tried this one.

Mr Hendricks French Toast Mr Hendricks Cafe Balwyn Whitehorse Rd

whilst i was initially dubious of the location – whitehorse rd doesn’t exactly scream food-mecca… i was pleasantly surprised. the window seat looking out on the pavement was spacious and light-filled + the counter and inside  layout is gorgeous. the vibe is relaxed + casual and the staff were attentive + friendly without being over-the-top. this was a great find in an area i wouldn’t ordinarily travel to – but so glad i did!

verdict: best french toast in melbourne (a big call i know!)

Mr Hendricks Cafe on Urbanspoon

One thought on “mr hendricks, balwyn

  1. Thanks so much for the mention! I’m so happy to hear it was the worth the visit!! I really love this little local gem – I recently revisited and tried their coconut rice porridge…O.M.G. – it was divine!!
    enjoy your travels, can’t wait to read more brunch adventures frome you 🙂 x


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