truman, albert park

truman, albert park

apologies for the blogging hiatus… we’ve just got back from an amazing holiday in the united states and in amongst piles of washing and mail; and an inbox filled with 650 emails when i got back to work (yay — not!); i’ve been gratefully reacquainting myself with melbourne’s coffee + food (which i always appreciate 10-fold after a trip to the usa).

if you’ve not visited truman in albert park i recommend you head over there pronto. you may have a short wait on the weekend, but i love that this place is dog-friendly with a fantastic alfresco area when the weather is fine. and the menu is probably one of my favourites – full of healthy fresh juices and smoothies (with hilarious names to boot) and exciting food full of variety and levels of health options.

the truman brekkie scrambled eggs, hash, avocado + relish on sour dough multigrain
i’m pretty sure this is the dish that started my recent scrambled egg infatuation, and especially when combined with the relish + avocado – seriously yum! but my favourite part is that hash! perfectly soft + smooth on the inside, the crunchy outside makes this melt in your mouth delish.

truman, albert park
the truman brekkie, truman

haloumi breakfast pumpkin, leek + sesame seed smash on sour dough multigrain with poached eggs + grilled haloumi topped with kale pesto
looking around the cafe this was certainly a popular choice and for good reason. this savoury dish had fantastic flavour, particularly with the added kale pesto, pumpkin + sesame seeds. the eggs were poached perfectly + i can’t say no to a dish that comes with haloumi. best of all, after a long saturday walk it was the perfect choice to alleviate any post-workout food-eating guilt.

truman, albert park
haloumi breakfast, truman

brekky special black quinoa, pea + basil fritters with poached egg + pumpkin relish
my mom tried the breakfast special the morning we visited and really enjoyed it. the fritters were light and flavourful. again, the eggs were cooked perfectly. another healthy delicious dish.

truman, albert park
brekky special, truman

bircher with poached fruit + nut crumble
i’m loving anything served with poached rhubarb at the moment, but even without it the bircher could stand well alone on its own. oats were creamy + the extra crunch of the nuts made this is a great dish (and i’ll admit to going back for this again).

truman, albert park
bircher, truman

as i mentioned earlier, truman has an excellent selection of fresh juices + smoothies as well as excellent coffee.

the jane fonda kale, ginger, spinach, apple + celery
the goldie hawn mango, yoghurt, ice-cream, honey + spices

truman, albert park
the jane fonda, truman
truman, albert park
the goldie hawn smoothie, truman

truman, albert park

truman, albert park
truman, albert park
truman, albert park
truman, albert park

the decor is quirky + i’d love to find out the infatuation with pineapples (in numerous forms of ornaments and decorations). staff are friendly + efficient and this is certainly a solid + consistent find in one of my favourite suburbs of melbourne. not the first time i’ve visited truman, and certainly won’t be the last.

verdict: a truman brekkie is certainly tasty!

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