Flour Market PopUp Day of the Donut (1 of 1)

day of the donut, brunswick

Day of the Donut Pop Up Melbourne Flour to the People (1 of 1)

as a precursor to the flour market coming up on the fifth of july at the collingwood town wall (get there early as last year sold out in a couple hours), organisers held a pop-up event in brunswick a couple of saturdays ago. a selection of melbourne’s most popular doughnut artisans turned up to display their morsels of deliciousness in an empty warehouse, which you’d think…. “cool, fun idea, i might pop along and grab a doughnut or two if i live in the area”.

Day of the Donut Pop Up Melbourne Line Up (1 of 1)
think again! not only did pretty much half of melbourne turn up (slight exaggeration), but they were leaving armed with boxes FULL of doughnuts. i guess i should’ve learnt by now… but when it comes to food and melbourne… if you bake it, they will come! the line snaked down the block even at 9.30am when i arrived, and by the time i got into the warehouse quite a bit was sold out. however, here are a few of the drool-worthy doughnuts i did manage to try and where to find them on an ordinary day.

aunty pegs by proud mary coffee
find: http://www.proudmarycoffee.com.au/
usual location: 200 wellington st, collingwood

owned by proud mary coffee, stop into this space in collingwood during the week for a sweet treat and black coffee (only). this caramel popcorn donut was my favourite of the day. the filling is gooey and drool-worthy.

Day of the Donut Pop Up Melbourne Aunty Pegs (1 of 1)

Flour Market PopUp Day of the Donut Aunty Pegs (1 of 1)

Day of the Donut Pop Up Melbourne Aunty Pegs by PMC (1 of 1)
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all day donuts
find: http://alldaydonuts.com/
usual location: 12 edward st, brunswick

i had my husband try the plain cinnamon and a glazed donut (after all, a girl can only eat so many donuts in one day!) – both were fluffy, sweet and… gone within two seconds. however, on a normal trading day (sans the frantic rush of doughnut-crazed euphoria) they also have amazing looking filled crème donuts and an enticing-looking jock’s ice-cream filled donut.

Day of the Donut Pop Up Melbourne All Day Donut (1 of 1)
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ascot food store
find: http://www.facebook.com/ascotfoodstore.com.au
usual location: 320 ascot value rd, moonee ponds

it you’ve seen these syringe-topped donuts on instagram and didn’t know where to get on your hands on one them – now you do! not only is the novelty of squirting the filling into the donut yourself super fun – it also makes for an explosive delicious taste… and if you’re blonde like me, a bit of a mess… but still super fun!

Day of the Donut Pop Up Melbourne Ascot Food Store (1 of 1)
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cobb lane bakery
find: http://www.cobblane.com.au/
usual location: 13 anderson st, yarraville

cobb lane donuts are a regular of mine, thanks to the fact that clement coffee at the south melbourne markets sell them. their salted caramel filled donut is simply amazing – covered in a generous amount of cinnamon suger, but you can also get ‘pistachio & violet’, ‘lychee, rose & raspberries’ and a few other just-as enticing flavours. irresistible.

Day of the Donut Pop Up Melbourne Cobb Lane Bakery (1 of 1)
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so, next time you’re craving a dougy ball of sugary goodness, i recommend hitting up one of these amazing artisans. and like i said… get to the flour market early! otherwise i might have already beaten you to all the baked goods!


Flour Market PopUp Day of the Donut (1 of 1)

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