inspirational blogger award


a huge thank you to the simple beginner for nominating me for an inspiring blogger award.

rules of the inspirational blogger award:

  • thank the blogger who nominated you
  • list the rules and display the award
  • share seven facts about yourself
  • nominate other amazing blogs and comment on their blog to let them know you nominated them

seven facts about me:

1. i was born in south africa, moving to australia when i was in primary school
2. my favourite city in the world (that i’ve seen so far) is new orleans
3. i was once the face and voice of an ad for foxtel – one of my proudest singing achievements ever!
4. i’m an aunty to 2 beautiful nieces + 1 nephew (and a few other extended-family nieces and nephews too!)
5. one of the saddest things about moving to melbourne is that i never get to wear any of my 100+ pairs of stilettos because of all the walking we do
6. i love dogs! (and given i don’t have my own at the moment, i attempt to cuddle my friends’ dogs whenever i can!)
7. i can’t wait to go back to hong kong this year for the first time since i was a kid – i’m so excited to try egg waffles!

for the inspirational blogger award, i nominate:

the mustard jumper  – funny, interesting + great makeup/beauty tips
the imperfect kitchen – beautiful inspiring writing + delicious recipes
the travelling pantry – amazing food + recipes
brunch addict – amazing brunch reviews

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