Auction Rooms North Melbourne Tostados Burger (1 of 1)

auction rooms ii, north melbourne

Auction Rooms North Melbourne Exterior (1 of 1)

it’s been more than a year since my last visit to auction rooms– and as with the last time i was there, the popular north melbourne café did not disappoint. after a short wait we were seated in the lovely covered courtyard out the back and had small batch coffees quickly on the way.

Auction Rooms North Melbourne Flat White2 (1 of 1)

Auction Rooms North Melbourne Kombucha (1 of 1) Auction Rooms North Melbourne Flat White (1 of 1)

i love that kombucha is popping up on café menus more and more in melbourne, and this remedy kombucha really hit the spot with its ginger + lemon flavour which added a refreshing zing to my meal.

Auction Rooms North Melbourne Tostados Burger (1 of 1)

chilaquiles: toasted corn tortillas, shredded pork shoulder, salsa roja, cheese curd, black beans and a fried egg

the shredded pork was juicy and delicious, the sharpness of the cheese curd added a point of difference from the usual sour-cream and the crunch of the radishes married well with the tortilla chips. add the lovely and gooey touch of runny egg yolk and this was a messier and more brunch-like nachos and an absolute winner for me!

Auction Rooms North Melbourne Pulled Pork Burger (1 of 1)

‘cubano’: cuban pulled pork sandwich with leg ham, swiss cheese, dill pickle + beer mustard with plantain crisps

my husband went for this option – a generously sized roll packed full of meaty goodness! the pickles (which i stole) were tangy and crunchy; and it was a nice touch to have a bowl of crisps served on the side –very Americano!

Auction Rooms North Melbourne Lentil Curry (1 of 1)

persian lentil tagine with mediterranean veg, dukkah-rolled feta, smoked hummus, pita + a poached egg

this lentil tagine is a perfect vego option (my friend also went sans-poached egg in this instance). a perfect grazing dish and wonderful flavour combination with the dukkah-rolle feta and hummus.

Auction Rooms North Melbourne French Toast (1 of 1)

brûlée french toast with passionfruit labné, poached mandarin + white chocolate genache

you would’ve no doubt seen countless photos of this one online – probably one of auction rooms biggest sellers – and i’m so glad i finally got a try. as far as fresh toasts go, this is pretty good! soft and eggy brioche, paired with the wonderfully citrus elements and that creamy genache. i could’ve done one of these all on my own!

Auction Rooms North Melbourne Interior (1 of 1)

food wise, the menu does change seasonally with a focus on local and seasonal produce – always prepared to the highest quality and with some pretty innovative flavour combinations and dishes to choose from. overall, service was excellent throughout our meal – attentive and friendly. and the gorgeous interior – exposed beams, wood panelling and large airy space – provides a relaxing but vibrant atmosphere. perfect for a catch-up with friends, such as in our case. it’s not often i’ll repeat a visit to a café that’s not in my local area, but auction rooms is worth it!

verdict: brilliant atmosphere and delicious food – worthy of a second visit
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