Industry Beans Fitzroy Flat White 3 (1 of 1)

industry beans, fitzroy

industry beans in fitzroy took home a number of awesome awards in 2014.

so i thought i better check these guys out, and having uni exams to study for was a perfect excuse.

firstly, the cafe’s design is phenomenal. a beautiful space – both inside and outside. huge expansive ceilings, spacious table areas, a relaxed and light-filled outdoor garden courtyard.

Industry Beans Fitzroy (1 of 1)

these guys roast their own coffee on site. in actual fact, if you grab a table up the back you’ll have a perfect view into the roasting area. it’s where i chose to sit and i thoroughly enjoyed it – surrounded by hessian bags, the aroma of coffee + the buzz of the roasting machine.

the coffee itself is truly stunning. a strong, vibrant and clear taste. their coffee menu is extensive and informative, and the staff appear genuinely passionate about coffee + their roasting and brewing techniques.

Industry Beans Fitzroy Flat White (1 of 1) Industry Beans Fitzroy Flat White 2 (1 of 1) Industry Beans Fitzroy Flat White 3 (1 of 1)

this particular morning i opted for the
coconut crusted brioche with pineapple, crushed peanuts, lime curd + coffee caviar.
it was a sharp flavour combination, and i’m a huge fan of coconut so this sounded very appetising to me. unfortunately, by about half way through this i found myself needing a bit more sauce or topping – the encrusted brioche needed something to soak into it a bit more and i did struggle to finish this as everything around it dried out.

Industry Beans Fitzroy Coconut French Toast (1 of 1)

staff were friendly and like i said the atmosphere was fantastic – a great space to study, read the paper or work. i think next time i’ll be trying this much talked about avocado smash.

verdict: amazing coffee!
find: Beans on Urbanspoon

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