yummy dutch buttons, portarlington mussel festival

i love festivals – of the food kind! and victoria (australia) certainly knows how to put on a well-organised festival full of beautiful crafts, great lively local music, quality coffee + wine, and delicious food.

yesterday was the annual portarlington mussel festival and while i’m not ashamed to admit i definitely ate my full of steamed mussels, i stayed true to #inlovewithbrunch and had a late brunch first.

i’m a sucker for dutch pancakes. also known as poffertjes, these little button size mouthfuls of little pikelets are a delightful treat synonymous with australian festivals.

we first tried a simple plates of dutch pancakes with maple syrup + icing sugar plate. yummy.


i couldn’t resist a second plate + had to try the jam + cream option too. needless to say both plates were inhaled in a matter of minutes between the 5 of us.


victoria is truly beautiful, i definitely recommend heading down to this beautiful part of the world or a summer food festival if you get the chance!


verdict: this is summer in australia!
find: http://www.portmusselfestival.com

3 thoughts on “yummy dutch buttons, portarlington mussel festival

  1. It’s always nice to hear the lovely feedback from our customers at our events but l just stumbled across this fabulous review and must say l’m pretty chuffed!!! To the author, your next plate is on the house!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

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