einstein's relative, south yarra

einstein’s relative, south yarra

2015. the start of a new year. for the past 10 years i’ve made a habit of taking some time out on the 1st day of january to regroup, reflect and remember the year that was. without being too philosophical or hard on myself, i also try and write some goals for the new year. so, while the husband was still fast-asleep, recovering from having 30 people in our house for an awesome party the night before, i fittingly went for a solo walk and brunch!

without boring you with too many details, this is my summary of the year that was and the year that is to come for me:
2014 highlights: 
– started a little brunch blog to release some pent-up creative frustration (and blown away by >1k followers on insta + >9k views on the blog)
– started uni + managed 2 distinctions while working full-time (go me!)
– did a 3-week roadtrip of america’s deep south + drove the pch from san fran to la (absolutely loved it!)
my husband recorded + released his debut album (and went to #16 on the itunes classical chart!)
– welcomed a new niece + a new nephew into the world (they are so cute!)
– spent some quality time with my little sister over the christmas break (the first time in about 3 years, which was absolutely amazing!)

my continuing list of things i wished i’d done more/less of, to take me into 2015:
– discover some more new brunch spots in melbourne (of course!)
– persist with trying to like running (am hoping registering for a 5km fun-run might kick my butt into gear!)
– spend more time in the gym
– have less turmoil at work (or if it continues, find a better environment to work in)
– talk / spend more time with my little sister
– try not to over commit myself (aka being ok with saying “no” to some things/people)
– travel more
– save more money (i’m not sure these last 2 really work together!?)

so now that i have that sorted, onto my brunch!…

einstein's relative, south yarra
einstein’s relative, south yarra

there are two establishments in the einstein family. i’m not sure which came first, but there’s einstein 251 in caulfield north + the delightful einstein’s relative in south yarra. situated close to south yarra train station, unbeknown to me i paid these guys a visit on the last day of their current menu (they reopen 20th jan 2015 with a brand new menu).

einstein's relative, south yarra
flat white, einstein’s relative

the coffee was brilliant, my flat white made with small batch candyman blend. fruity, soft + balanced, it was exactly what i needed to kick start my day after a few wines on nye! i also paired my coffee with a cool, refreshing “einstein’s shake”: pineapple, lemon + mint. de-li-cious!

einstein's relative, south yarra
einstein’s shake, einstein’s relative

i was in a pretty indecisive (tired) mood + kept flitting between wanting the acai bowl, plain old eggs on toast or the bircher. that was, until i took a look at the couple at the table in front of me, which immediately settled it for me.

haloumi bruschetta: seeded sourdough toast with diced haloumi, avocado, medley of cherry tomato and a tangy yoghurt dressing.
this was phenomenal + i hope it stays on the new menu. if i start from the bottom, the sourdough toast was softly toasted (not too crispy) with a generous amount of avocado spread on top. this was great as it meant each forkful of toast had a layer of avo (my fave) already on it. then it was layers of beautiful cherry tomatoes + some wafer-thin slices of radish – fresh, light and healthy. add to the mouthful a delish gooey piece of haloumi + a touch of the subtle creamy yoghurt… and i was in heaven. so pleased with my choice (+ thankful once again for that plate-envy i constantly experience!).

einstein's relative, south yarra
haloumi bruschetta, einstein’s relative
einstein's relative, south yarra
soy latte, einstein’s relative

the team were super friendly, with laid-back but attentive service. the cafe space itself is quite small, with two small tables in the middle + bar seating around the edges, however there are also plenty of tables kerb-side. it was a great space to think / create / be inspired (pun-intended) + the 7.5km walk from home was totally worth it. i’ll definitely be back!

oh, and just a quick note to wish you all a very happy new year. thank u for your support + for reading this little blog, i’m so grateful. i hope your 2015 is full of love, happiness + great brunching!

verdict: can’t wait to try the new menu!
find: www.einsteinscafe.com.au/relative/

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