let me be frank, south melbourne

let me be frank, south melbourne

it’s been a busy couple of weeks since i blogged last. firstly, uni holidays which i now look forward to just so that i can only work full-time. meaning i actually relax/hang-out/do stuff at night! …and then of course uni starting again (it seems each semester comes around waaaay too fast!), so figuring out textbooks, assignments (argh! due right after christmas holidays) etc. …packed somewhere in the middle of all of that was a work trip to new zealand (i’ll blog a bit on this soon – best farmers markets i’ve ever been to in christchurch!) and helping my husband get his debut solo album ready for pre-release (next week! so excited!). so yeah, packing a lot into life right now! but i love the quote by mark burnett “the best person to get something done is a busy person”. hash-tag #bringiton

this morning we stayed pretty close to home and popped into “let me frank”, a funky arty cafe set in an old church/school building in south melbourne. the decor is eclectic, high ceilings + artwork on every wall. a mixture of adorable chairs and tables, especially the huge communal table right in the centre of the room, complete with a huge vase of fresh flowers. on a warmer day, the outside courtyard under the umbrellas would be a perfect brunch spot to chill out.

let me be frank, south melbourne
let me be frank, south melbourne
let me be frank, south melbourne
let me be frank, south melbourne

the coffee is a socially-conscious blend called “wild timor coffee co.” brought into australia by four peace-keeping soldiers. you can read more about their story on the website (link above). the coffee has a slight taste of what i would call “wild”… not over-polished/cultivated. simple and strong. really enjoyable.

let me be frank, south melbourne
let me be frank, south melbourne
let me be frank, south melbourne
soy latte, let me be frank

the menu at lmbf is pretty quirky – both in layout, wording + ingredients. yet everything sounded really appealing + i had a tough time deciding what i wanted to try. eventually i settled for the:

rocco’s scrambled eggs with herbs, chilli + parmesan on ciabatta
really enjoyable dish with a good kick of chilli. the parmesan made the scrambled eggs extra gooey and creamy. i would’ve probably preferred a few less herbs, but it was still a tasty dish. and the fresh ciabatta was a perfect accompaniment.

let me be frank, south melbourne
rocco’s scrambled eggs, let me be frank

poached eggs + bacon gooey + runny eggs, delicious multi-grain toast + a good serving of bacon. husband was happy.

let me be frank, south melbourne
bacon + eggs, let me be frank

buttermilk pancakes with poached rhubarb, berries + maple syrup
i was very domesticated (and proud of myself) this week + cooked rhubarb at home for the first time. it has given me an extra liking for this vegetable. yes, i even googled this… rhubarb is a vegetable! probably my favourite vegetable that is used in sweet stuff (actually, is it the only?). anyway, these buttermilk pancakes were delish! soft + fluffy, and perfectly accompanied by the sweet rhubarb, tart berries + a dash of maple. needless to say these were gone pretty quickly between the two of us!

let me be frank, south melbourne
buttermilk pancakes, let me be frank
let me be frank, south melbourne
latte takeaway, let me be frank

love the takeaway cups too!

generally the service was ok, probably could use a splash more friendliness + attentiveness, but once we had placed our order, the food came out really quickly. this is a delightful cafe with a feast – not only for the belly, but for the eyes too! the artwork, shelves packed with goodies + books etc. make this a great space to relax, create, write or socialise.

verdict: to be be frank … pretty good!
find: www.facebook.com/lmbfrank

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