two birds one stone, south yarra

two birds one stone, south yarra

today, a girlfriend (kim) and i were left to a girls-only morning thanks to a/ one husband away for work and b/ another husband still sleeping in (i’ll leave you to guess which one belonged to who!). given we were two “birds” heading out for the day, we decided to start our morning at ‘two birds one stone’, a delightful cafe in south yarra.

now, i have another confession to make… after living in melbourne for almost 3 and a half years, this morning was my first time catching a melbourne train! having lived in the heart of the city since moving here, my husband and i pretty much walk everywhere with the occasional tram trip. we only drive our car about once a week or when my husband has a gig to perform at. so given that two birds one stone is conveniently located just near south yarra train station, catching the train was the perfect option. ride a train in melbourne = tick.

two birds one stone, south yarra
scrambled eggs + bacon, two birds one stone,

scrambled eggs + bacon, creamy scramble + grilled bacon, kim liked her meal and it was definitely a generous serving size.

two birds one stone, south yarra
smashed avo + feta, two birds one stone

smashed avocado + feta with capers, tomato, radish, shallots + dill on toast
i love dill. it is a massively under-used herb and i will pretty much put it in anything – salad, roast veggies, dipping sauces – and combined with smashed avo + feta (one of my favourite light brunch options) the dill lifted this dish completely. the radish + tomatoes were also fantastic, and i was very happy with choosing this light, healthy option. the multi-grain toast was also delicious.

two birds one stone, south yarra
soy latte, two birds one stone

two birds one stone uses five senses coffee, which has a robust + smooth taste.
and my fresh pink grapefruit juice was refreshingly citrusy.

two birds one stone, south yarra
fresh pink grapefruit juice, two birds one stone
two birds one stone, south yarra
two birds one stone, south yarra

the cafe itself had a great vibe with a line for tables most of the time we were there. i’m not the only one who really likes their scandinavian interior design, broadsheet having given them a great wrap also. the wood panelling + native flowers gave the space a warm + inviting feel and there is a great big communal high-table which draws your attention to the centre of the room. the service, whilst a little bit slow due to how busy they were, was delivered with a smile + the staff were really friendly.

with our intention to head next door for some pastries + macarons from zumbo after brunch (seriously, when its right next door how could you not?!) , i did go for the lighter option on the menu. however don’t be perturbed… their “two birds” (eggs on toast with mushrooms, spinach, roast tomatoes, haloumi + avocado – with the option to add sausage or bacon) and twice-cooked marmalade french toast with oranges + vanilla pannacotta sound amazing + are on my “must try” list for next time. a buzzing cafe with an interesting menu + great food… we certainly loved our morning out.

verdict: fabulous brunching for these two birds!

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p.s. seriously… with this temptation right next door, how could we resist!?!


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