hello sailor, hawthorn

with a recent write-up on broadsheet and an increasing buzz on insta, the husband + i took a rainy grey saturday drive across to hawthorn this morning to check out hello sailor. wait, did i just say morning?! … i meant afternoon! we had a very lazy sleep in and needed somewhere still serving breakfast at 1pm – lucky for us hello sailor has all-day breakfast until 3pm!

the cafe opened about three months ago and has a lovely family history tied into its name and memorialised on the walls of the cafe. together with other nautical touches, the decor and theme is definitely well thought-out + i love the hanging bread baskets in the front window (from which you can purchase your own fresh noisette bread to take home with you).

Hello-Sailor-Exterior-1 Hello-Sailor-Interior-2 Hello-Sailor-Interior-1 Hello-Sailor-Overhead-of-meal

spiced granola with macadamia, vanilla yoghurt + seasonal fruit.
as far as granolas go this was pretty good – packed with crunchy, honey-toasted nuts! and the poached pear was delicious! the yoghurt was sweet and creamy, but i would’ve liked a little bit more + this definitely needed a little jug of milk on the side. first half was delicious, but by the end nothing but dry granola left – it was crying out for slightly milk-softened oats.


breakfast bun beef + herb sausage, fried egg, cheese, rocket + harissa on a brioche bun
given it was well after midday, i figured it was ok to go for something slightly more-lunchy for brunch + settled for the breakfast bun. the beef + herb sausage had an intense flavour which was nicely offset by the sweet brioche bun. i don’t eat them often, but i love a good gooey fried egg + this one did the trick perfectly. the harissa added some good flavour, but there is also a relish option if you prefer.


the coffee is seven seeds and hello sailor serve my favourite soy too (bonsoy). the coffee blend today was quite mild (certainly not what i would call a strong or robust coffee) but delicious and much-needed regardless. thankfully, there is also a good variety of juices available (a big tick from my husband) and there are plenty of storm in a teacup options too!

Hello-Sailor-Soy-Latte Hello-Sailor-Takeaway-Coffee

overall, the food and coffee was pretty good + the cafe has a lovely atmosphere. i definitely enjoyed our prime spot looking out the big glass front window out onto the road. while i did get the feeling these guys are still ironing out a few things as they settle in, the cafe was busy and certainly has a promising future.

verdict: sailing into a bright future (pardon the pun!)
find: www.hellosailorcafe.com.au

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