crabapple kitchen, hawthorn

hawthorn has got to be one of my favourite melbourne suburbs outside of the direct inner-city circle. it is also easily accessible by tram or train direct from the city (tram 70 or 75). glenferrie road, particularly, is a-buzz with small cafes, local butchers, great restaurants and plenty of clothes and book stores to wander through. i love spending a saturday morning here.

i’d remembered seeing crabapple kitchen on channel 9’s postcards, so one particular saturday we popped in. it is a cozy old-victorian house-style layout, long and narrow with great bench seats against the walls. we grabbed two seats along the bar and had a great time interacting with the friendly and relaxed staff, and of course watching the “behind the scenes” of the baristas and kitchen. we thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast and will definitely go back again.

heilala yoghurt with rosewater poached rhubarb blueberries, coconut, barberries, pistachio + mint. this dish was amazing. a perfect way to finish off what we affectionately call our “double breakfast”  where we each have an individual dish and then share a third. the flavour of the rosewater rhubarb was incredible, and perfectly balanced with the yoghurt, coconut and mint. would definitely have again!

muesli, crabapple kitchen
muesli, crabapple kitchen

bacon + eggs just the way we like them. soft runny yolks, plenty of meaty bacon. no american-style fatty rashers in sight! the freshly squeezed green apple juice was also delicious.

bacon + eggs, crabapple kitchen
bacon + eggs, crabapple kitchen

verdict: definitely worth a second visit

crabapple kitchen, hawthorn
crabapple kitchen, hawthorn

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