chez dre ii, south melbourne

have i mentioned before that i love chez dre? in order to be well-informed about all of the brunch options available at one of my favourite cafes in melbourne, i thought it only fair to sample a few more dishes on a different saturday … after all there are at least 104 brunch options each weekend every year!

unfortunately, this particular saturday was partially ruined by a very rude diner who seemed to think that i’d like a side of passive smoking with my breakfast (how is it still legal to smoke near food?!) … needless to say i’ll be eating inside going forward.

pecan & cranberry granola with honey labneh & fresh berries
baked eggs with spicy lamb sausage

verdict: food amazing as always

granola, chez dre
granola, chez dre
baked eggs, chez dre
baked eggs, chez dre
chez dre, south melbourne
chez dre, south melbourne

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3 thoughts on “chez dre ii, south melbourne

  1. South Melbourne has certainly a number of restaurants with AWESOME cuisine! I love heading down to the market and discover new places :p and I think i found what i’ll be having for breakfast this weekend 🙂 thanks for the heads up and the review 😉

    And if you are like me, check this place out, its call Mamma’s Meatballs and the food is surprisingly tasty! i went there with my friend and was pretty happy and satisfied (and i eat a lot!)

    ps, i hate when people smoke in restaurants (even if they are outside, they should be more considerate)

    Thanks for the post and the photos 🙂


    1. hi william! thanks for the comment & the positive feedback! + thanks for the recommendation – i will check out mama’s meatballs. enjoy your food-adventures 🙂 inlovewithbrunch


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