Chato Thornbury Pancake (1 of 1)

chato, thornbury

chato is a recently-opened spanish-inspired cafe and tapas barlocated in thornbury, a suburb in melbourne’s north-east. with head chef maria echevarria-lang (former caffe e cucina) at the helm, the food is decidedly spanish, however its recent foray into the melbourne brunch scene provides a menu that also offers some of your morning favourites. chato joins a small but impressive list of thornbury establishments including umberto espresso + little henri, and  i was recently invited to try their new breakfast menu.

Chato Thornbury Cappuccino (1 of 1) Chato Thornbury Flat White (1 of 1) Chato Thornbury Coffees (1 of 1)

i’ve bragged about my like of niccolo coffee before (muharam, pod etc.) so was pretty stoked to find that chato are serving up this well-known and eye-catching flavoursome brew. there is also a good variety of fresh juices available.

Chato Thornbury Granola (1 of 1) Chato Thornbury Granola2 (1 of 1)

toasted muesli (vegan), made in-house with nuts, seeds, coconut & dried fruit, toasted in yellowbox honey + served with greek yogurt + poached fruits of the day

the poached fruit – fig, strawberry + apricot – were delicious + paired exceptionally with the nutty textural muesli. i was especially impressed with the generous serve of yoghurt – much needed to ensure that ideal muesli : yoghurt ratio. sweet and fruity, this was a great starter to our meal.

Chato Thornbury Pancake (1 of 1)

la bomba: goat’s cheese + roasted cauliflower pancake with avocado, heirloom tomatoes + a trio of mushrooms, a poached egg + romesco sauce

an unfamiliar flavour combination to me, i was really impressed with the taste + texture of the pancake… cauliflower certainly is making a resurgence on menus in melbourne at present! the mushrooms were flavourful + its always great to get a few varieties to really increase the complexity of a dish. i loved the juicy little heirloom tomatoes and the romesco sauce packed a punch which really complimented the yolky egg. i was fairly indifferent to the avocado – the dish would’ve been  just as nice without it, but i’m not going to complain about getting some good fats into me! this is a really good option for vegetarians too.

Chato Thornbury BakedEggs (1 of 1) Chato Baked Eggs (1 of 1)

flamenca: eggs cooked in a chorizo + tomato ragout, finished with shavings of serrano ham
i had my parents visiting from queensland for the weekend and this was my mom’s choice for breakfast. just quietly, i think they were both blown away by the inventiveness and uniqueness that melbourne breakfast has to offer. personally, i’m not a huge fan of peas for breakfast, but my mom really liked this – the eggs were cooked perfectly – so that once broken the yoke mixed in with the rich tomato sauce. a really generous serving size too!
Chato Thornbury FrenchToast (1 of 1)
torrijas: brioche dipped in vanilla + lemon scented milk, lightly fried + served with poached pear, canadian maple syrup + rosewater yoghurt
my dad is a sweet tooth (like me!), so we may have had a small ‘discussion’ about who was going to get to order this one… dad won! but he did let me get a few tastes in, and i have to say this was really delicious. the way that the brioche had been infused with the vanilla + lemon milk gave it an amazing fragrance and taste that i’ve not experienced in a french toast before. the pear was beautifully soft – and stunning presentation. but the highlight for both of us was that rosewater yoghurt! delicious!
in summary, the food was certainly on-point… unique dishes using quality ingredients that provide a refreshing point of difference with it’s spanish influence. and i was pleased that the service was on point also – the staff were really chatty + friendly, helping to makes recommendations and ensuring we were topped up with coffees and drinks throughout. and i think it is great to see some great brunch options popping up in the northside!

verdict: chato joins a small but impressive list of thornbury establishments serving up a unique spanish-inspired breakfast

p.s. thanks so much for looking after my parents so well too… your breakfast contributed to the great weekend they had in melbourne! 🙂

(note: inlovewithbrunch dined as a guest of zilla and brook and chato’s, however all remarks and reviews are honest and genuine)

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