inspirational blogger award


a huge thank you to the simple beginner for nominating me for an inspiring blogger award.

rules of the inspirational blogger award:

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  • list the rules and display the award
  • share seven facts about yourself
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seven facts about me:

1. i was born in south africa, moving to australia when i was in primary school
2. my favourite city in the world (that i’ve seen so far) is new orleans
3. i was once the face and voice of an ad for foxtel – one of my proudest singing achievements ever!
4. i’m an aunty to 2 beautiful nieces + 1 nephew (and a few other extended-family nieces and nephews too!)
5. one of the saddest things about moving to melbourne is that i never get to wear any of my 100+ pairs of stilettos because of all the walking we do
6. i love dogs! (and given i don’t have my own at the moment, i attempt to cuddle my friends’ dogs whenever i can!)
7. i can’t wait to go back to hong kong this year for the first time since i was a kid – i’m so excited to try egg waffles!

for the inspirational blogger award, i nominate:

the mustard jumper  – funny, interesting + great makeup/beauty tips
the imperfect kitchen – beautiful inspiring writing + delicious recipes
the travelling pantry – amazing food + recipes
brunch addict – amazing brunch reviews

muharam, hawthorn

a couple of weeks ago, pictures of red velvet pancakes kept appearing on my instagram feed and i just had to find out to find out if the visual appeal translated in real life. so the husband + i headed out to hawthorn to muharam café on burwood road. these guys have been open for a while, but recently underwent a renovation and overhaul of their menu, so i was excited to see what the buzz was about.

muharam serve niccolo coffee which i was stoked about – love their coffee – and my husband opted for the green smoothie (coconut water, spinach, kiwi + banana) which is an unusual choice for him but he really enjoyed it… nothing like some super greens to kick off your weekend! Muharam Hawthorn Niccolo Coffee Flat White (1 of 1)Muharam Hawthorn Niccolo Coffee Flat White 2 (1 of 1)Muharam Hawthorn Green Juice (1 of 1) poached eggs + bacon. the eggs were cooked well with runny yokes + the bacon was crispy and tasty. Muharam Hawthorn Bacon Eggs (1 of 1) spiced sweetcorn fritters with red pepper salsa, bacon, avocado + poached eggs. egg yolks were runny and the salsa had a good kick to it. the bacon was excellent. avocado was creamy and fresh. i was disappointed with the corn fritters, they were undercooked so the texture was powdery + a bit doughy. Muharam Hawthorn Corn Fritters (1 of 1) Muharam Hawthorn Cafe Tabletop (1 of 1) the cafe itself is beautiful, with a gorgeous timber counter running the length of the front room + plenty of foliage and wood decorating the walls and tables. there is also a small sunny courtyard out the back. Muharam Hawthorn Cafe (1 of 1) Muharam Hawthorn Cafe Interior 2 (1 of 1)

and finally, the dish i had been waiting for…

Muharam Hawthorn Red Velvet Pancakes 2

red velvet pancakes with cream cheese, strawberries + warm chocolate.
firstly, visually this dish is divinely appealing. beautifully decorated with micro herbs, icing sugar, chocolate powder, finely chopped strawberries and a couple of blueberries. the cream cheese was addictive – sweet + creamy. the chocolate sauce was rich + silky. overall, the flavours in the topping were to die for + i thought for sure this dish was about to make its way into my favourites list. however, the first cut into my pancake yielded a cold gooey raw batter which quickly left me disappointed. whilst i did move on to the 2nd and 3rd pancakes which were thankfully cooked, they were still cooked quite inconsistently.Muharam Hawthorn Red Velvet Pancakes (1 of 1)

unfortunately, there were a few things that didn’t run so well for these guys on the morning we visited. the majority of it had to do with the lack of consistency in the food, particularly the fritters and pancakes. this definitely impacted my overall experience, whilst all of the rest of the savoury elements were lovely. the other issue was timing. we waited 40 mins for a table despite there being an unoccupied reserved table and spare seats around the communal table up the back of the room. also, from seating to completion our brunch took 90 minutes. i’m a pretty patient person but the wait for our food was unnecessarily long. i’m sincerely hoping that i can put it down to a new chef + menu that just need some ironing out, but unfortunately i was left a bit disappointed.

verdict: some issues to iron out – but the potential is there

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industry beans, fitzroy

industry beans in fitzroy took home a number of awesome awards in 2014.

so i thought i better check these guys out, and having uni exams to study for was a perfect excuse.

firstly, the cafe’s design is phenomenal. a beautiful space – both inside and outside. huge expansive ceilings, spacious table areas, a relaxed and light-filled outdoor garden courtyard.

Industry Beans Fitzroy (1 of 1)

these guys roast their own coffee on site. in actual fact, if you grab a table up the back you’ll have a perfect view into the roasting area. it’s where i chose to sit and i thoroughly enjoyed it – surrounded by hessian bags, the aroma of coffee + the buzz of the roasting machine.

the coffee itself is truly stunning. a strong, vibrant and clear taste. their coffee menu is extensive and informative, and the staff appear genuinely passionate about coffee + their roasting and brewing techniques.

Industry Beans Fitzroy Flat White (1 of 1) Industry Beans Fitzroy Flat White 2 (1 of 1) Industry Beans Fitzroy Flat White 3 (1 of 1)

this particular morning i opted for the
coconut crusted brioche with pineapple, crushed peanuts, lime curd + coffee caviar.
it was a sharp flavour combination, and i’m a huge fan of coconut so this sounded very appetising to me. unfortunately, by about half way through this i found myself needing a bit more sauce or topping – the encrusted brioche needed something to soak into it a bit more and i did struggle to finish this as everything around it dried out.

Industry Beans Fitzroy Coconut French Toast (1 of 1)

staff were friendly and like i said the atmosphere was fantastic – a great space to study, read the paper or work. i think next time i’ll be trying this much talked about avocado smash.

verdict: amazing coffee!
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liebster blogging award

i’ve finally emerged from a couple of intense weeks of uni study + exams, to find that two great blogs i admire had nominated me for some blogging awards. the liebster award is a way to acknowledge new bloggers and introduce them to more readers in the blogging community. so firstly, a huge thank you to “addicted to the sweet life“… i am genuinely flattered and honoured!


the rules of the liebster award are:

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11 questions nominated by “addicted to the sweet life” for me

1. why do you blog?
i started inlovewithbrunch about one year ago because i was feeling creatively dry in all aspects of life… i had stopped singing, songwriting and painting due to work and uni commitments, and i also needed to get my butt into a more active gear. so with the incentive of a delicious meal at the other end, my husband + i started #walkandbrunch’ing to various cafes around melbourne, after which i would therapeutically write about our experience + how much we’d enjoyed the food + coffee. in the process, i’ve discovered a passion for writing and creating again, found an online community of creative + like-minded people… and ironically have started singing + songwriting again. the human heart + mind has an amazing capacity for juggling commitments when it has a passion for it!

2. what is your favourite food?
well it would definitely have to be brunch! ;-) my favourite dishes would definitely be french toast or baked eggs.

3. what is your idea of a ‘perfect’ day?
my perfect day would be one that involves travel to a new and exciting destination filled with food, shopping + exploring!

4. what is your greatest fear?
not achieving my dreams

5. what is your least favourite thing about yourself?
i worry too much

6. what aspect of your life are you most proud of?
my marriage to my wonderful husband

7. if you could turn back time and relive one of your life experiences, what would it be?
my honeymoon. the accommodation we booked turned out to be not at all what it was advertised to be. this caused lots of unwanted stress, cost and last minute changed plans meaning our honeymoon wasn’t as fun or relaxing as i had always hoped.

8. if you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?
new york city – central park in snow is magical

9. if you were given the chance to meet any fictional character in person, who would it be?
dorothy from the wizard of oz

10. if you could witness any event in history, what would it be?
ella fitzgerald’s first performance at the apollo theater in harlem, new york in the 1930’s

11. if you could prevent either your body or your mind from ageing, which would it be?
my mind, definitely

for the liebster award, i nominate:

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and here are the 11 questions i have:
1. your favourite brunch dish?
2. your favourite cafe?
3. if you were hosting a dinner party (3 courses) what would you cook?
4. what would your dream holiday look like?
5. your favourite singer or band?
6. what is the inspiration for your blog?
7. cooking savouries or baking sweets?
8. your proudest achievement to date?
9. your drink of choice?
10. the opera, theatre or a musical?
11. your blog goals for 2015?

happy blogging!

p.s. second award coming soon!

pablo + rustys, sydney cbd

i’m lucky enough to be spending a little bit of time in sydney over the next couple of months – both for work and with family – and i’m excited to try some brunch spots in between meetings and cuddles with my baby nephew! last week, at the recommendation of a work colleague i paid pablo + rustys a visit. situated in a beautiful atrium in sydney’s cbd, the café has a rustic/industrial feel which goes well with the mix of new and old office buildings surrounding it. Pablo and Rusty Sydney (1 of 1) the breakfast menu has some quite unusual offerings. for example, tasmanian king salman cured in beetroot and served with zucchini and dill fritters, and a fascinating-sounding osso bucco on sourdough toast with poached eggs, feta, gemolata, peas + preserved lemon… this is on my to-try list for next time. however, i opted for something a bit lighter this morning as i had an exam coming up and wanted to be awake and not too full.

markets best summer fruit with salted pistachio praline, lemon sabayon + raspberry sorbet. vibrant + fresh this was a wonderfully refreshing dish! the fruits were perfectly ripe and the raspberry sorbet added a beautiful cold texture. the crunch of the praline was a great combination and my favourite – the lemon sabayon – was tangy, smooth and creamy. Pablo and Rusty Sydney Summer Fruits (1 of 1) flat white. these guys roast their own coffee, and the blend is strong, aromatic and very smooth. Pablo and Rusty Sydney Flat White (1 of 1) the café was very busy with people ducking in for their early morning coffee or breakfast before work, but staff were still quick and efficient. being able to sit outside in the courtyard-slash-walkway and people watch – i love being in unfamiliar environments and just watching the world go by. a beautiful start to the morning.

verdict: fresh + vibrant
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